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We have been proudly providing excellent veterinary care services in downtown Vancouver (1032 Davie Street) since 1986. Dr.Joan Lynch retired in 2011 after 25 years of practice and Dr. Ken Kim took over the hospital and continues to provide a wide range of services with excellent care and compassion since 2011.

Dr. Kim attended the College of Veterinary Medicine at the Seoul National University in South Korea, where he graduated as DVM in 1996. After 10 years of practice, Dr. Kim came to Canada in 2007 with his family and worked as an associate vet in Calgary then moved to the warmer climate of Vancouver in 2011. He lives in Vancouver with his wife Elie and two children Monica and Leo. He loves to walk around English bay, Stanley park and Pacific spirit park. He has special interest in soft tissue surgery and dentistry.

Urban Animal Hospital

1032 Davie Street  Vancouver BC V6E 1M3.

Telephone: (604) 684 3632    

FAX: (604) 684 3670   

E-mail: urbananimalhospital@shaw.ca

Hours : Mon-Sat:  9am-6pm. Closed on Sunday and Holidays.


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At the Vet

At the Vet
At the Vet

Tel: (604) 684 3632

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